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The  Indian  School  of  Political  Economy  was  founded  in  the  year  1970  by  the  well-known economist, the  late Prof. V.M.Dandekar.   The  School  has  been  registered  under  the  Societies Registration ACT, 1860  and  also  under  the  Maharashtra  Public  Trusts  Act,  1950. The  Council  of  the  School consists  of  fifteen  Honorary  Fellows  elected  in  the  Annual  Meeting  of  the  Council.  The  Council  is headed  by  the  President  and  the  Director  is  appointed  for  the  day-to-day  working  of  the  school.
Mission and Vision
The objects of the School are:

  • To undertake, or promote, or assist financially or in other ways, research in social, political and economic problems of India.
  • To educate students, research workers, social and political workers, administrators, businessmen including business executives and general public in, and inform them about, the social, political and economic problems of India.
  • To prepare and publish, in suitable form, in English and other Indian languages, literature bearing on social, political and economic problems of India.

At present, the School is concentrating only on the following activities:

A)   Journal of Indian School of Political Economy : 

The Journal is published every quarter and contains around 200 pages in each issue. It is devoted to the Study of Indian Economy, Polity and Society. Papers, review articles, book reviews are published in the journal after a rigorous process of refereeing and editorial review . It is now in the nineteenth year of the publication. So far five special issues have been brought out on (i) The Scheduled Castes : An Inter-Regional Perspective (ii) Political Parties and Elections of Indian States: 1990 – 2003 (iii) Child Labour, (iv) World Trade Organization Agreements, and (v) Basel II and Indian Banks. (Please Click Here for back issues, instructions for authors , and other details about the Journal.)

B)   Arthabodhapatrika :

Since 1998, the School has been publishing this monthly in Marathi, covering several topics of public interest which are not normally covered by the newspapers. So far, five special issues have been published on (i) Primary Education (ii) Culture and Society (iii) Our Neighbors in Asia (iv) Recent Research on Human Brain (v) Environment. (Please Click Here for back issues.)

C)  Discussion Group :

With a view to building up informed opinion among social scientists, professionals and social activists,the School started Discussion Group meetings on current vital social and economic problems. These are held about once in a month. Besides, occasional seminars and training programmes for interested groups are also conducted by the School.

D)    Seminars :

Occasional Seminars and training programmes for interested groups are conducted by the School. An annual seminar is organized in memory of late Prof V.M.Dandekar. The themes discussed in the annual seminar in recent years include: Water Management, Decentralization, Urban Governance, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Special Economics Zones, and National and Regional Political Parties in India.

E)  Books &  Booklets :

The School has undertaken to publish lucidly written booklets on subjects of current social and economic interest to the common reader. The booklets are limited to about 10,000 words each and are in either English or Marathi. Recently, the School has published a book in Marathi on recent development in the field of human brain. So far, five booklets and one book have been published by the School. (Please Click Here for list of Books.)

F)  Library :

The School has its own library consisting of over 13,000 books and 3,000 reports on economics ,  politics , sociology , history and other social science subjects . All subscribers to the Journals of Indian School of Political Economy and Arthabodhpatrika have free access to the library. (Please Click Here for list of books)

G)  Fellowships :

The School awards fellowships to the scholars to complete writing of ongoing research work on hand in the field of the development of the Indian economy, polity and society since Independence. (Please Click Here for Advertisement)

H)  Annual Report

The annual report of   Indian School of Political Economy outlines the academic activities of the School and its Honorary and Ordinary Fellows ( Please Click Here for more details).

I) Members of Council:

Members of the Council of the School :

At present Prof. S Sriraman is the President of the Council of the School and other members of the Council of the School are : (Click below for fellow members)

Honorary Fellows

Emeritus Fellows

Visiting Fellows