The  Indian  School  of  Political  Economy  was  founded  in  the  year  1970  by  the  well-known economist, the  late Prof. V.M.Dandekar.   The  School  has  been  registered  under  the  Societies Registration ACT, 1860  and  also  under  the  Maharastra  Public  Trusts  Act,  1950. The  Council  of  the  School consists  of  fifteen  Honorary  Fellows  elected  in  the  Annual  Meeting  of  the  Council.  The  Council  is headed  by  the  President  and  the  Director  is  appointed  for  the  day-to-day  working  of  the  School.

Mission and Vision
The objects of the School are:

1 To undertake, or promote, or assist financially or in other ways, research in           social, political and economic problems of India.

1 To educate students, research workers, social and political workers, administrators, businessmen including business executives and general public in, and inform them about, the social, political and economic problems of India.

1 To prepare and publish, in suitable form, in English and other Indian languages, literature bearing on social, political and economic problems of India.

1  The School has undertaken to publish lucidly written booklets on subjects of the        current social and economic interest to the common reader. The booklets are limited to about 10,000 words each and are in either English or Marathi. Recently, the School has published a book in Marathi on recent development in the feild of uman brain. So far five booklets and one book have been published by the School.

Members of Council

The School is not being funded by any person or organisation and manages to meet its expenditure out of its own Capital Fund. It is not affliated to any University and does not admit students for any degree or diplomas .