The Journal is published every quarter and contains around 200 pages in each issue. It is devoted to the Study of Indian Economy, Polity and Society. Papers, review articles, book reviews are published in the journal after a rigorous process of refereeing and editorial review . It is now in the twentieth year of the publication. So far five special issues have been brought out on (i) The Scheduled Castes : An Inter-Regional Perspective (ii) Political Parties and Elections of Indian States: 1990 – 2003 (iii) Child Labour, (iv) World Trade Organization Agreements, and (v) Basel II and Indian Banks.


Since 1998 the School has been publishing this monthly in Marathi covering several topics of public interest which are not normally covered by the newspapers. So far three special issues have been published on (i) Primary Education (ii) Cultur



1.Bharatateel Lok-Sankhya Wadhicha Prashna:

Santati -Niyamana chee Jaruree Wa TyateeI Yash,
(The Problem of Population Growth in India :
The Need for Family Planning and its Success) (in Marathi)
by Kumudini Dandekar Pp . 60, Rs.30/-.

2.Compulsory Primary Education

Opportunities and Challenges Second Edition,
(in English and Marathi),
by Jayakumar Anagol, Pp.54 and 61,Rs.30/- each.

3.Shodh Ghete Te Shikshan,

(To Searches Is Education), (in Marathi),
by Ramesh Panse Pp.67, Rs.50/-.

4. Karta-Karvita, Adhunik Mendu-Sanshodhan va Aple Jeevan,

by Ramesh Panse, Rajyashree Kshirsagar, Anita Belhekar-Deshmukh,
Pp.242, Rs.350/-

5 .Governance, Supervision and Market Discipline: Lessons From Enron

by Jayant R .Varma, Pp.87, Rs.100/-.
Reprint from Journal of Indian School of Political Economy,
(Vol. XIV, No. 4, October-December 2002)

6 .Poverty in India ,(Reprint2008),by Dandekar V.M. and Nilakantha Rath,

Published by Indian School of Political Economy,
Pune, Re-printed byBooks for Change, Bangalore,
Pp. v i+140, Price Rs. 200/-
7. Tin Nyaymurti Ani Tyancha Kal,
by Narendra Chapalgaonkar, P
p 315, Rs. 300/-