1. Journal

Two issues of the Journal of Indian School of Political Economy , the joint issue for January-June 2006 and the issue for July-September 2006 , containing research articles on various themes, including a long Report entitled, “Integrating Dalits with Caste-Hindus: The Story of Ekatma Samaj Kendra” containing an up date, funded by the School, of an earlier study on the unique Mhaisal experiment and documentations on Reports of the Committees on Consumer Price Index Numbers (Government of India, Ministry of Labour), were published during the year.

The flow of articles for the delimited fields of the Journal was more or less adequate, however, the revision of articles, suggested by the referees and the editor, has taken time resulting in delay in the publication of the journal.

The process of developing the Website of the School is in progress and is expected to be launched soon. It is contemplated to put the Table of Contents and the abstracts of the articles published in the Journal on it for wider information.

The Journal has been publishing the contents pages of sister quarterlies on an exchange basis.

The total number of subscribers for 2007 stood at 116 while 21 copies were dispatched gratis or on exchange basis and the subscription rates continued to be:

Institutions other than colleges: Rs. 600/- per annum

Colleges and individuals: Rs. 300/- per annum

2 . Arthabodh Patrika

‘Arthabodh Patrika’, the original bi-monthly periodical of the School in Marathi, completed about 9 years of its existence in March 2008.

During the period under review ( 1st April 2007 to 31 March 2008 ), in all twelve issues were published. Besides other literature published through the Columns, these 12 issues carried 56 articles devoted to a wide range of topics. An illustrative list of subjects covered is presented herewith.

Number of issues published – Twelve ( Volume 6, issues 1 to 12)

Subject classification of published articles:

Economics – 8, Industrial – 5, New Technology – 2, Science and Technology- 2, Culture – 7, Social – 8, Urbanisation – 4, Political -4, Health – 1, Environment – 9, Religion – 2, Education 2 Others – 2. (Total 56 articles).

Letters from Readers -10: Locational distribution of responses: Sawantwadi , Ratnagiri, Pune, Nagpur , Ahmednagar, Ambajogai, Jalgaon,

ountries covered – USA , UK , Ireland , Germany , Sweden , Norway , France , Austria , Ukrane , Taiwan , Iran , Peru , Bolivia , Czech Republic , Switzerland , South Korea , Vietnam , South Africa , Nigeria , Zambia , Tanzania , Ghana , Afghanistan , Republic of Turkey , Egypt , Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Bangladesh , India , China , Japan , Malaysia , Thailand , and Russia .

References/Sources – Economist, Far Eastern Economic Review, Nature, Harvard Business Review, Ecologist, Japan Echo, Current History, New Scientist, Statesman, Appropriate Technology, Resurgence, New Yorker, Business Week, Prospect. Besides this, books, reports, manuals, encyclopaedias available in the School’s library and reference material sourced from the Internet was also used from time to time.

One of the purposes of the Patrika is to encourage newspapers and other periodicals to reproduce articles from the Patrika free of cost, after acknowledging the source. It is, however, difficult to judge the exact impact as all the periodicals, which reproduce the articles in their issues, do not send copies of their publications to us as expected of them. However, during the year three newspapers and three periodicals have reported having republished articles from the Patrika in their periodicals.

At the end of March 2008 the total number of subscribers to the Patrika stood at 495. Special efforts will be made to enroll more direct subscribers during the coming financial year.

3. Books and Booklets

A Booklet in Marathi on is being written by Prof. A. S. Nadkarni which is expected to be published by December 2008.

The research paper by Prof. S. H. Deshpande entitled “ Integrating Dalit with Caste-Hindus : The Story of Ekatma Samaj Kendra” published in Volume XVIII, Issue No.3, of the Journal of Indian School of Political Economy will be published in the form of a Book during the financial year 2008-2009.

4. Seminars/ Discussion Group Meetings/Workshops:


A seminar on ‘Special Economic Zones’ was organized on July 30 and 31, 2007. Distinguished scholars, experts, representatives of Government agencies, NGOs, social workers and activists in the field participated in the Seminar and put forward their views and suggestions on the subject of vital importance. The following delegates attended the Seminar:

1. Ms Aradhna Aggrawal

Department of Business Economics,

South Campus, Delhi University ,

Benito Juarez Marg.

Delhi – 100021.


2. Shri S.S. Bhandare


Department of Economics & Statistics,

Tata Services,


Email :

3. Dr. Sudha Deshpande

Flat No. 8, Chaitraban,

Hanuman Cross Road, No. 1,

Vile Parle (East),

MUMBAI – 400057.


4. Dr. Chandrahas Deshpande

MEDC Research Centre,

3rd floor, Y.B. Chavan Centre,

Gen. J. Bhosale Marg,

Nariman Point,

Mumbai – 400 021. Mobile : 9890087447


5. Shri Sunil Dighe,


Potdar Chamber, Room 41042,

Bombay Samachar Marg,

Opp. Apurva Hotel,

Near Horniman Centre,

Fort Bombay 400 001

Mobile : 9820308387.

6. Shri Vinayak Govilkar,

Bunglow No. 4,

Lokmanya Nagar,

Gangapur Road ,

Nasik – 422 002.

Tel: 9422762444


7. Ms Pallavi Latkar,

Head of the Department

Centre of Urban Studies

Rachana Sansad

278, Shankar Ghanekar Marg

Prabhadevi Mumbai 400025

Tel: 24310024; 24302431

Mobile : 9820451922

8. Dr. Ratnakar Mahajan,


State Planning Board,

Maharashtra State .

Tel: (O) +91-22-25764312

M – +91-9869697557

9. Ms Sulakshana Mahajan,

8, Sanket Apartments,

Uday Nagar, Panchpakhadi,

Thane 400 602.

Mobile : 9819357358


10. Prof. Siddhartha Mitra,

Gokhale Institute of

Politics and Economics

Pune 411004.

11. Shri Sukumar Mukhopadhyaya,

C-601, Purvasha,

Anandlok Housing Society,

Mayur Vihar, Phase-I,

Delhi 110 091.

Tel: 22752366; 22750716


12. Shri Ramakrishna Nallathiga,

Knowledge Manager,

Centre for Good Governance,

Dr. MCR HRD IAP Campus,

Road No. 25, Jubilee Hills,

Hyderabad – 50 033 (AP).

Tel: 91 40 23541907 Ext: 147

Mobile : 9246290450

13. Shri P.C. Nambiar,


C/O Serum Institute of India ,

212/2, Hadapsar,


Tel: 26602281

14. Ms Manasi Phadke,

Economist and Economic Advisor,

Mahratta Chamber of Commerce,

Industries and Agriculture,

505, A Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower ,

Senapati Bapat Road ,

Pune 411 016.


15. Dr. Ajit Ranade,

Chief Economist,

The Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Centre,

1st Floor,

`C’ Wong S.K. Ahire Marg,

Worli, Mumbai – 400 030.


16. Shri Suresh Rohira,

Price Waterhouse Coopers,


Mobile : 9890087447

17. Dr. Abhirup Sarkar,

Indian Statistical Institute,

B.T. Road , Calcutta – 700035

Tel: (033) 5778086.

M: 9830111871


18. Justice P.B. Sawant,

Paradise Tower ,



19. Shri L.B. Singhal,

Director General

Export Promotion Council for

EOUs and SEZ Units

Ministry of Commerce & Industry,

Government of India

705, Bhikaji Cama Bhavan,

Bhikaji Cama Place ,

New Delhi 110 066.

Tel: 26165805; 26167042;

Fax: 26165538 E-mail:

20. Shri Vilas Sonawane,

C-13, Kunal Plaza,

Chinchwad Station (East),

Pune 411 019. Mobile : 9422520574

21. Prof. Suresh Tendulkar,

Department of Economics,

Delhi School of Eco.

University of Delhi

Delhi 110 007

Tel : 2513940

Email :

Participants from ISPE

1. Prof. L.K. Deshpande,

Hon. Fellow, ISPE,

Flat No. 8, Chaitraban,

Hanuman Cross Road, No. 1,

Vile Parle (East),

MUMBAI – 400057.


2. Prof. D.N. Dhanagare

Hon. Fellow, ISPE

Tel: (020) 25654736

3. Prof. Nilakantha Rath,

President, ISPE

Tel: (020) 25657132; 25657210

4. Shri Abhay Tilak

Ordinary Fellow,


Tel: (020) 25657132; 25657210

In addition, two fellowship awardees gave seminars on their Research proposals as under during the year under review:


A Critical and Comprehensive Study of Higher Education in India (1947-2006)

Dr. M. R. Kolhatkar


Justice Narendra Chapalgaonkar (Retd)

It is proposed to hold a two-day Seminar on Education in Municipal Schools on July 30 and 31, 2008.

Discussion Group Meetings:

The School organised the following meetings of the discussion group during the financial year 2007-08:



December 2, 2007

Raghunath Dhondo Karve : Vyaktitva Ani Kartutva

Dr. Anant Deshmukh

December 15, 2007

The Sub- prime Crisis in the United States

Dr. Satyajit Karnik


5. Fellowship:

Applications for award of Fellowship to the eligible scholars with specific research proposals on the development of Indian economy, society or polity since Independence were invited during the year under report. Out of the applications received, the Executive Committee selected one Dr. Sony Pellissery. However, though he had intimated that he was interested in the fellowship he failed to return the duplicate copy of the allotment letter stipulating the terms and conditions of the fellowship duly signed in spite of repeated requests.

Advertisement calling fresh applications for additional fellowships in the current year is being published.

6. Research Project on the Primary Schools of Pune Municipal Corporation

The School has undertaken a research project on the primary schools conducted by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The study has been initiated with effect from September 2005 after receiving the permission of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the Municipal Education Board for accessing the relevant original records of the PMC and for administering the proposed tests to the sample students. The twin objectives of the said study are:

•  To record, analyse and study the trend of enrolment in every class in all types of schools during the last thirty years.

•  To investigate the level of education at the primary level. This inquiry would involve understanding of aspects such as students’ ability in reading, writing and arithmetic.

The data on class-wise enrolment of boys and girls and item-wise annual expenditure by each school, for the primary schools conducted by the PMC from 1970 to 2006 have been painstakingly compiled by the ISPE with co-operation from the Municipal Education Board and PMC administration. Statistical analysis of the trends in enrolment and expenditure is currently in progress.

The work of administering tests for assessing the language and arithmetic skills achieved by students in standards 2-5 and for suggesting remedial measures for improvement was duly completed in 32 selected Marathi medium schools. Draft reports based on the results of the tests have been prepared and are being finalised at present.

Specifically, the following activities have been completed during the period 1st April 2007 and 31st March 2008 .

•  Scrutiny and correction of the computerised data on enrolment.

•  Reconciliation and reorganisation of the corrected computerised statistics.

•  Analysis and tabulation of the corrected data for preparing sampling design

for the field survey aimed at assessing the qualitative aspects of the

imparted education.

•  Finalisation of the sampling methodology for selection of sample schools

and students to be included in the field tests.

•  Selection of sample schools.

•  Preparation of basic tables and graphs in respect of the sample schools.

•  Analysis of the time serial data on enrolment using different parameters

such as medium, gender and location.

•  Procurement of test material and preparation of kits to be used for

conducting field tests.

•  Preparation and finalisation of tests to be administered to the sample

students. The tests were designed by the Associate Researchers viz.

Mrs. Varsha Sahasrabuddhe and Shri Neelesh Nimkar who are

experienced teachers and experts in methodology for imparting language

and arithmetic skills in primary schools..

•  Conduct of a training programme for the field officers.

•  Conduct of actual tests in the sample schools.

•  Computerisation of the test scores and other information gathered during

the field tests.

•  Analysis and tabulation of the computerised statistics pertaining to the

field tests, on the lines suggested by the Associate Researchers.

•  Preparation of the Draft Reports on the qualitative aspects of the school

education by the Associate Researchers.

7. Staff

The list of staff in position as on 31 st March 2008 is given below:

Mr. Abhay Tilak, Member, Academic Staff and Editor, Arthabodh Patrika

Mrs. Shaila R. Konlade, Research Fellow and D.T.P. Editor

Mr. D. B. Bagade, Graduate Clerk,

Mrs. Rajyashri Kshirsagar, Asst. Editor, Arthabodh Patrika

Mr. V. B. Khadilkar, Accountant,

Mr. D. K. Limbore, Clerk-Typist,

Mr. V. G. Redkar, Clerical Grade,

Mr. M. V. Jade, Peon.

Mr. K. Y. Dhawade is working as Administrative Officer in the School in an Honorary capacity on year-to-year basis.

In addition to the above, Dr. Arvind Nagarkar worked till October 2007on a purely temporary basis as Library-in-charge (Part-time)

8. Meetings:

The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on 2nd June 2007 .

Three meetings of the Executive Committee were held during the period from 1 st April 2007 to 31 st March 2008 .

9. Library:

The total number of books in the Library is 12,659 and that of serials is 3,553. During the year under report, 189 books and 91 serials were added to the stock. Out of the addition, 17 books and 76 serials were received as gift; while three books were received for review. 169 books were purchased and 15 documents were subscribed to. An amount of Rs.1,43,017 was spent on purchase of books. In addition, an amount of Rs.11,090/- was spent as subscription towards periodicals.

During the year under review, 18 persons took advantage of the reference material and reading facilities provided in the Library.

10. Computer Equipment, Softwares and Data Bases:

The School has 11 PCs (One Dell PC, One Compaq Laptop, One IBM Pentium 4, One Compaq Pentium 4, One Zenith Pentium 4, One Compaq Pentium III, 5 PCs upgraded to Pentium III and one 386 with tape-drive) two Dot Matrix Printers, one Daisy Wheel Printer (not in use), two Laser Printers, Toshiba Laser Printer-cum-Copier, Devnagari soft wares -‘Leap Office’ and ‘Akruti’ as well as Office 2003 and Fine Reader 4 (for scanning documents), Windows 98 and Windows XP (HE), SPSS 12, E-views 5 Soft wares.

The School has an e-mail address and access to Internet through VSNL, Air-Tel and Reliance Broad Band. The facility of Internet and e-mail is being extensively used for searching material for JISPE and Arthabodh Patrika and for receiving papers and referees’ reports and correspondence with authors of articles for the Journal.

11. Academic Activities

The academic activities of the executive staff etc. of the School during the year are given in brief in Sub-Section I and those reported by the Honorary Fellows in the Sub-Section II.


Prof. V. S. Chitre

Worked as Honorary Director of the School and Editor of the Journal of Indian School of Political Economy . Three issues, the joint issue for January-June 2006 and the issue for July-September 2006, of the journal , containing research articles on various themes and documentations on Reports of the Committees on Consumer Price Index Numbers (Government of India, Ministry of Labour), were published during the year.

Prepared, jointly with Professor N. Rath and Ms. Manasi Phadke, Economist, Marhatta Chamber of Industries and Agriculture, a Note : Special Economic Zones – Issues for Discussion, for the Seminar on Special Economic Zones, organised by the School on July 30-31, 2006 , and worked for the preliminary planning of the seminar.

Worked as member of a Committee appointed by the Executive Committee of the School to suggest revised pay scales for the graded administrative staff of the School, and helped the office in the preparation of projected incomes and expenditures of the School over the next ten tears, under different sets of assumptions, for use by the said Committee.

Participated in the Money and Finance Conference, organised by the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, on January 18-19, 2008 , and chaired one session in the Conference and also worked as a discussant of all the papers presented in the session.

Participated in the First Annual Conference on Statistics on the occasion of the National Statistics Day, organised by the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai on 29 June 2007, and delivered a lecture on “C apacity Output and Cycles in Non-agricultural Sector of the Indian Economy” .

Continued to work as a member of the Advisory Group of Experts on Short Term Monetary/Liquidity Model, set up by the Reserve Bank of India .

Continued to work as a member of the Advisory Committee on the Project “Money, Income and Prices: 1900-1950”, being jointly conducted by the Reserve Bank of India and the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai.

Continued to work as a member of the Advisory Committee for the ASHIS Programme of Delhi School of Economics, Delhi .

Invited to continue to work as a member of the Governing Body of the Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai, and the Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research, Dharwad.

Worked as a member of the Search Committee for appointment of Director for the Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai.

Worked as a member of a Committee to prepare the revised Memorandum of Association for the Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research, Dharwad.

As a member of the Governing Body of CMDR, Dharwad, met the Visiting ICSSR Review Committee constituted to review the activities of CMDR, Dharwad.

Worked as an expert member of the Selection Committee Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai

Continued to work as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Artha Vijnana, and the ICRA Bulletin: Money and Finance, and worked as a referee for the Indian Economic Review.


Shri Manohar Bhide

  1. Awarded the status of “Fellow” of the “Securities & Investment Institute”/
  2. Member, Regional Council of the Securities and Investments Institute engaged in training and accredition promoted by the London Stock Exchange and recognized by the FSA of the United Kingdom .

Prof. Lalit Deshpande

  1. Key Note Papers :

Wrote two keynote papers for the two Annual Conferences of the Indian Society of Labour Economics and Bangiya Arthaniti Parishad.

  1. Papers published :

•  Lalith Desypande, Anoop Kumar Satpaty and Sudha Deshpande, 2007. “Personal Income Distribution and Heterogeneity of Labour Markets in India ” in the Conference Number of the Indian Journal of OLabour Economics, Vol. 50, No.4, pp.903-24

•  Lalit Desphande and Sudha Deshpande, 2007. “Impact of Globalization on Labour Market in India ” in The Conference Volume of the Journal of The Bangiya Arthaniti Parishad, December 2007.

•  Review Article entitled “Thank You, Prof. Sen” published in Indian Journal sof Human Development Vol. I , No.2, pp.447-63.

Prof. D.N. Dhanagare

Important Appointments:

1. The Vice-Chancellor, University of Mumbai appointed me as a Member of the Advisory Committee of “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Centre for Social Justice in Mumbai University for a period of three years.

2. The Director, Tata Instittute of Social Sciences, Mumbai appointed me as an External Subject Expert on the Institute’s Syllabus Revision Committee for their P.G. Programme on M.A. Development Studies. Its meeting was held on 5 th October 2007 .

Selection Committees:

1. Invited as Subject Expert on Selection Committee for selecting a suitable candidate for the post of Professor, School of Rural Development , TISS Rural Campus at Tuljapur, held on 13 July 2007 .

2. The Vice-Chancellor, University of Pune appointed me as Subject Expert on selection committee for the post of Teaching Associate, in the Department of Sociology; meeting was held on 14 September 2007 .

3. Invited as Subject Expert on Selection Committee to select suitable candidates for two posts of Associate Professor (Reader) and two posts of Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences , Mumbai on 3-4 October 2007.

4. Pune University Vice-Chancellor appointed me as Subject Expert for Selection Committee for the post of Coordinator (Open) in Women’s Studies Centre; its meeting was held on 17 January 2008 .

5. Invited as Subject Expert on Selection Committee constituted by the Pune University Vice-Chancellor to select/recommend suitable candidate for U.G.C. Teacher Fellowship award in Sociology Department.

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences:

1. Participated in a Seminar of “SEZ- Special Economic Zones” organized by the Indian School of Political Economy, Pune

2. At a Workshop called “Global Civil Society Yearbook Workshop, jointly organized by the L.S.E. London and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, on 2-4 May 2008 I made a presentation on “Foreign Funding of NGOs and its social institutional implications in India” at TISS, Mumbai.


  1. D.N. Dhanagare, “Practising sociology through history: The Indian Experience”, Economic & Political Weekly, (Part I & II), Vol. XLII Nos. 33-34 ( August 18-25, 2007 ), pp.3414-3421, and 3499-3508.

Consultancy, Evaluation and Review Work:

1. Was invited to examine a book entitled: Glimpses of Socio-Cultural Revolts in India (by Dr. Suresh Mane) submitted to the University of Mumbai for D.Litt. degree; the assignment was completed and report was sent in January 2008.

2. Evaluated a Research Project Report on “The Study of Social Mobility among the Rural Scheduled Caste Population in Andhra Pradesh submitted by Dr. G. Eswaraiha to the ICSSR, in September 2007.

3. Appointed as Consultant (Sociology) by SaciWATERS, an NGO based in Hyderabad to evaluate a series of study reports, apparently funded by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, on “Watershed Development, Water Supply and Sanitation schemes in India , Bangladesh . Sri Lanka , Nepal and Pakistan in March 2008. The Phase I of this assignment is over. Work on Phase II Contract and Terms of Reference is in progress.

Lectures delivered during the year:

1. Pune University – Department of Sociology invited me to deliver series of three lecture scheduled on 25-27 October 2007 on the following topics: “Theories of Underdevelopment”, “Dependency Theory”, and “World Systems Theory propounded by I. Wallerstein”

2. Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Thane invited me as a Resource person to lecture on “Social reality in contemporary Maharashtra ” in a Workshop the Prabodhini had organized for Working journalists and Media representatives from Maharashtra on 8-13 January 2008.

3, Indian Institute of Education, Pune invited me as a Resource Person to lecture on “Excellence in Higher Education” in an Orientation Programme it organized for College Principals on 13-20 May 2008. My lecture was scheduled on 17 May 2008 .

Extension Activities:

1. On 15 July 2007 SNEHAYA an NGO working in Ahmednagar for education of destitute children and AIDS affected patients invited me as Chief Guest for a function at which the organization gave away awards to different NGOs for their outstanding social work in Maharashtra during the 2006-07 year.

2. Was invited by Prasar Bharati – Akashvani A.I.R., Pune to participate in a group discussion on the topic “Role of caste in contemporary India ” which was recorded on 2 August 2007 and relayed from all AIR stations on 16 August 2007 .

3. The Mumbai University – Department of Sociology invited me as the Chief Guest for a Book Release function on 19 October 2007 at which a book Adivasi Life Stories (authored by Indira Munshi) was released by me.

3. Samyukta Vyakhyan Mandal, Shirwal, (Taq. Khandala, Distt. Satara) invited me in their Public Lecture week to lecture (in Marathi) on the topic “Why farmers’ suicides are taking place in Vidarbha”? on 18 November 2007 .

Prof. Suhas Palshikar

A. Research Projects:

  1. Caste and Social Mobility: A case study of Pune city; CSS, University of Pune , (2006-08); Co-Investigator: Dr Rajeshwari Deshpande;
  2. Coalition Politics in Maharashtra , UPIASI, Delhi (2004-2006); Co-Investigator: Nitin Birmal.

B. Publications:


  1. Dalit Politics in the Nineties: Electoral Politics and Predicament before an Underprivileged Community; 2007; Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol. 68, No. 1, January, pp.101-129.
  2. Beyond Uttar Pradesh: New implications for party politics; Commentary, 2007; Economic and Political Weekly; Vol. XLII, No. 21, May 26-June1, pp.1890-92.


  1. Rajkaranachya navya Rangmanchacha Uday, 2007, No. 177, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika , January-March pp. 3-5.
  2. Vargvaryanchya Rajkarnat Adakleli Lokshahi, 2007, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika, No. 178, April-June, pp. 123-25.
  3. Bahuvidhatech Lekhajokha: Lokshahichi Mojpatti, 2007, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika, No. 179, July-Sept. 2007, pp. 243-46.
  4. Jat, Varga ani Samajik Nyay, 2007, Vilas Ransubhe (ed.), Bhartache Badalate Rajkaran , Lokvangmay, Mumbai, pp.72-89.
  5. Akhud Lokancha Pradesh, 2007, Anubhav Diwali Issue, November-December, pp. 88-98.
  6. Mandal nantarchya kalkhandatil Jat ani Rajkaran, 2007, Presidential Speech, 24 th Maharashtra State Political Science Conference, Dhule February.


  1. Maharashtrache Rajakaran , 2004, Pune, Pratima Prakashan, (co-edited with Nitin Birmal) 2 nd edition: 2007
  2. Maharashtratil Sattasangharsh, 2007, Edited with Suhas Kulkarni, Pune, Samakaaleen Prakashan.

Book Review

  1. Review of A.M. Shah’s Grassroots of Democracy: The Imagined Debate between Pollsters and Ethnographers, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. KLII, No. 43, Oct. 27- Nov. 2, 2007 , pp. 24-28.

C. Other Activities:

Chief Advisor, Political Science, NCERT; 2005-

Coordinator, Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Pune , July 2006-

Participation in Seminars and Conferences:

•  Maharashtra : Towards a New party system? At the seminar on Elections and Indian Politics organised by IIAS, Shimla and IACT, Bangalore , at Bangalore , 30-31 January and 1 February, 2007

  1. Discussant for papers on Ethnicity in Bangladesh and Nepal, Seminar on Pluralism in South Asia, Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, JNU, May, 2007
  2. Uthal Paanyaalaa Khalkhalaat phaar : Shallow public sphere in Marathi, paper presented at the 12 th International Maharashtra Conference , Pune, December, 2007

Prof. V M RAO

Academic Activities during April 2007 to March 2008

Position Held

Honorary Visiting Fellow, Institute for Social and Economic Change

Honorary Fellow, Indian School of Political Economy , Pune

Member, Board of Directors, Public Affairs Foundation, Bangalore


Indian Agriculture – Sustainability Issues, ISEC – NCI Course on Approaching the Environment in India – New Theories and Methods in the Study of Nature–Society Interface, July 26, 2007 .

Three Lectures on Rural Economy and the Nation: Critical Development Issues, ISEC Pre-Ph.D. Course, Paper: Perspectives, August 16 to 18, 2007 .

The Rural Economy: The Crisis in Making. Sathya Sai University , Prashantinilayam, August 23, 2007 .

The Rural Economy: Critical Development Issues (two lectures), Department of Economics, Sathya Sai University , Prasanthinilayam, August 22 to 24, 2007

Poverty and rural Transition in India (Two Lectures), Young Scholars Programme, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, November 20, 2007 .

Seminars and Conferences

Meeting of the Subgroup for the Southern Zone of the Expert Group on Farmer Indebtedness (Government of India), NABARD, Hyderabad , April 23 and 24, 2007 (Chaired a session presented an overview for four southern states,

Presentation to the State Finance Commission, ISEC, April 26, 2007

Regional Consultation on Conditions of Work and Promotion of Liverlihoods in the Unorganised Sector, ISEC, May 22, 2007 (Discussed)

Presentation on Planning at the Micro-level for Agricultural Development, Regional Workshop on Comprehensive District Agricultural Planning, ISEC September 7, 2007.

Valedictory Address, National Seminar on Human Development Issues, IGIDR, Mumbai September 26, 2007

Valedictory Address, Short Term Executive Programme, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore , September 28, 2007 .

National Consultation on Towards Engaged Social Sciences, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore , October 29 and 30, 2007 (Chaired a session and made a presentation on rural development)

National Seminar on Micro-finance Needs of Vulnerable Group, ISEC, March 11 and 12, 2008 (Chaired a session)

National Seminar on Globalisation and Management of Vulnerabilities, ISEC, March 26 and 27 2008 (Presented a paper and participated as a Panelist).


Farm Size and Marketing Efficiency – Pre and Post-Liberalisation, Indian Economic Journal, Vol. 54, No. 3, October –December 2006 (Published after April 2007)

Looking at Agriculture without the Grass Roots, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 62, No. 2, April-June, 2007.

Making Safety Nets Effective for Hardcore Poor, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLII No. 33 August 18-24, 2007 .

Sustainability of Indian Agriculture: Towards an Assessment, ESS Working Paper, eSocialsciences, August 2007.

Sustaining Indian Agriculture – Chasing a Mirage, SENSEX, Vol. 1, No. 4, October-November, 2007.

Prof. N. Rath

Besides discharging routine duties as the President of the School, he did the following:

•  Published a paper entitled “On the Micro Finance Regulation Bill, 2007” in the EPW, September 15, 2007 .

•  Subsequently appeared before the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance and made my submission on that Bill.

•  Refereed a couple of papers for the Journal of the Indian School of Political Economy.

•  Prepared some material for the Arthabodh Patrika.

•  Prepared notes suggesting pattern of tabulation of data collected in Bihar during the last 15 years by Lokniti in course of their surveys into Elections.

•  Organised and monitered a Seminar on Teaching of language and arithmetic in primary schools, attended by a number of invited teachers from primary schools and others from Orissa, and translated and edited the papers submitted in this seminar, on 11 th and 12 th February, 2008, at Bhubaneswar.

•  Visited a number of Primary Thrift and Credit Societies (Registered under the 1995 Andhra Act) around Warangal in Andhra Pradesh and has scheduled collection of data from 550 such societies there in order to prepare a report on these societies for the Co-operative Development Foundation.

•  Engaged in collecting material for a study on Rural Credit in India .

Dr. Yogendra Yadav

Positions Held :

Chief Advisor (Political Science), NCERT

Editor, Samayik Varta

Member, Expert Group to examine and determine the structure and functions of an Equal Opportunity Commission, Government of India, October 2007 – February 2008.

Member, Editorial Board, The Movement

Member, International Advisory Panel, European Journal of Political Research

Member, Governing Board, Gandhi Vidya Sansathan, Varanasi Member, Governing Council, Indian School of Political Economy

Projects in Progress:

(with Sanjay Kumar) “Karnataka Election Study”, a Pre-poll survey of issues before the voters in Karnataka and the Post election analysis of how people in Karnataka voted during the assembly elections. Sponsor: CNN-IBN.

(with Sandeep Shastri, Suhas Palshikar and Sanjay Kumar) “State of Governance in the Indian States”. Sponsor: Forum for Democratic Reforms in India .

Projects Completed

1) (with Sanjay Kumar), Status of Indian Women, A nation wide survey of Indian Women, CNN-IBN and The Indian Express

2) (with Sanjay Kumar), Gujarat Assembly Election Study 2007, CNN-IBN and The Indian Express

3) (with Sanjay Kumar) Mid Term Evaluation of Central Government, CNN-IBN and The Indian Express

4) (with Sanjay Kumar), Indo-Pak Survey: A study of popular perception of people about the two countries , CNN-IBN and The Indian Express

5) (with Sanjay Kumar) Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections Study 2007, CNN-IBN and The Indian Express


(with other members of SDSA Team) State of Democracy in South Asia , Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Chief Advisor of School Textbooks (with Professor Suhas Palshikar) Democratic Politics II [Class X], New Delhi : NCERT, 2007. English, Hindi and Urdu editions.

Contemporary World Politics [Class XII], New Delhi : NCERT, 2007. English and Hindi editions.

Politics in India since Independence [Class XII], New Delhi : NCERT, 2007. English and Hindi editions.

Saath Hazar Karor ka Sawal, Samayik Varta, March 2008.

Northeasts of India , Indian Express , March 5, 2008 .

Self-Limiting Boundaries, Indian Express , February 19, 2008 .

Ek Mukadama Samajwad par, Samayik Varta , February 2008.

Samajik Nyaya ki Neeti aur Rajneeti, Samayik Varta, February 2008.

(with Sanjay Kumar) 74 % say, nothing wrong if women work, Indian Express, January 26, 2008

(with Sanjay Kumar) The consensus: Indian working women has arrived, Indian Express , January 25, 2008

(with Sanjay Kumar) Outside home, Indian women unsafe, inside she needs luck, Indian Express , January 24, 2008

Gujarat se Chithhi Ayee Hai, Samayik Varta, January 2008.

(with Peter R. deSouza and Suhas Palshikar) “Democracy Barometers: Surveying South Asia ” Journal of Democracy , January 2008

Article in Indian Express on Gujarat election on December 22 and 23.

(with Sanjay Kumar and Rajeeva Karandikar) A little dented, but Modi looks set for a third Term, Indian Express December 17, 2007 .

Modi’s Moment of Truth, Indian Express, December 10, 2007 .

(with Yognedra Yadav and Rajeeva Karandikar) Modi has a clear edge, but he isn’t invincible, Indian Express , November 15, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar ) In a Mid-term poll, nuke deal won’t decide votes, Indian Express, September 11, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) UPA, Political moment, nation, Indian Express, September 11, 2007 .

(with Rajeev Karandikar and Sanjay Kumar) No one wants an election now but if there’s one, Left and BJP will lose the most, Indian Express, September 9, 2007 .

Arakshan, article in Pratham Pravakta, September 2007.

Mid-Term Polls. An article carried in Times of India and various other newspapers, September 2007.

Left Adventures, Times of India , August 2007.

(with Sanjay Kumar) The India –Pak consensus: can’t let past stalk future, Indian Express , August 16, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar ) Manmohan Singh’s ratings soar; across the border, General’s sink, Indian Express, August 15, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) Friendship with US in our interest? Yes, says urban India , Pak no, Indian Express, August 14, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) For 8 of 10 people in Valley, ‘conditions have improved’ , Indian Express, August, 13, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) Traces of a mandate, Indian Express , May 23, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) Present Imperfect, Indian Express , May 22, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) BJP decline, Congress Style, Indian Express , May 19, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) Shaken to the core, Indian Express , May 18, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) Poor Man’s rainbow over U.P, Indian Express , May 17, 2007 .

Why Fore-Cast was not Fore-Warned, Indian Express , May 16, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar) Hawa to Iss Baar BASPA ki hi, Jansatta , May 9, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar and Rajeeva L. Karandikar) It’s all over but the counting and Maya is the clear leader, Indian Express , May 9, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar and Rajeeva L. Karandikar) U.P is headed for a Mayawati Plus government, watch this space, Indian Express , May 2, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar and Rajeeva L. Karandikar) Baspa hi Rahegi Pahle Number par, Jansatta , May 2, 2007 .

(with Sanjay Kumar and Rajeeva L. Karandikar) Maya emerging as clear leader, Mulayam slips back, Indian Express , April 22, 2007 .

Article on stay on OBC Quota. Times of India . April 11, 2007 .


Keynote Adress to Seminar on Sachar Committee Report, Islampur, West Bengal , March 31 2008 .

Participated in Seminar on Alternative Models of Development, Samata Kendra, Jalpaiguri, West Bagnal , March 30, 2008 .

‘Samajik Nyaya’, Phule Memorial Lecture, Department of Sociology, University of Pune , Pune , March 10, 2008 .

Plenary Lecture ,World Association for Public Opinion Research, Asia Conference, Delhi , February 29, 2008 .

Address to ‘Conference on Conditions of Balmiki Samaj’, Adi Dharma Samaj , Jalandhar, February 24, 2008 .

Symposium on State of Democracy in South Asia , Kathmandu , February 19, 2008 .

Public Lecture on ‘Rajnaitik vikalp Banam Vaikalpik Rajniti’Sarvodaya Press Service, Indore , February 13, 2008 .

Keynote Address to “Managing Diversity”, Seminar jointly organized by the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla and Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi , February 8-9, 2008 .

‘Kaisa Ho Rajniti ka shastra, Kaisi ho Shastra ki rajniti’, Pradeep Kumar Memorial Lecture, Department of Political Science, Panjab University , Chandigarh , February 4, 2008 .

On Record”, Interaction with Editorial Staff, Indian Express, New Delhi January 24, 2008 .

“The outcome of the Gujarat Elections 2007”, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi , January 6, 2008 .

Workshop on Indexing Governance, Centre for Law and Governance, JNU at Manesar, December 22, 2007 .

Book Discussion on ‘When a Tree Shook Delhi ”, Constitution Club, New Delhi , November 29, 2007 .

Conference on Indexing Devolution, NCAER and Ministry of Panchayati Raj, November 29, 2007 .

Workshop on Middle Class, Child Relief and You, New Delhi , November 16, 2007 .

‘On Deepening Democracy”, Lecture at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Department of Political Science, University of Guwahati, November 13, 2007.

‘Changing Role of Teachers’, Lecture to Faculty of the Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi , November 4, 2007 .

Akhilesh Misra Smriti, Rashtriya Parisamvad, ‘Dakshin Asia mein Loktantra’, Lucknow , November 1, 2007 .

‘Jayaprakash Narayan ki Sampoorn Kranti’, Founders Day Function at JP Vishwavidyalaya, Chhapra, Bihar , October, 9, 2007 .

‘Pedagogy of Democracy’, Digantar, Jaipur, August 27, 2007 .

‘Samajik Nyaya: Niti aur Rajniti’, Limaye Memorial Lecture, Mumbai, August, 8, 2007 .

‘Tocqueville and India ‘, Seminar at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi , July 27, 2007 .

‘Future of Indian Politics’, ICWA. Delhi , July 20, 2007 .

“State of Democracy in South Asia ‘, New School of Social Research, New York , April 29, 2007 .

‘Democracy and Poverty’, Centre fro South Asian Studies, University of Michigan , United States , April 10, 2007 .

Seminar on India ‘s Intellectual History, WIKO, Berlin , April 1-2, 2007 .

Television panels and discussions

Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh, May 2007.

Assembly Elections in Gujarat , November-December, 2007.

State of the Nation Poll, August, 2007 and January 2008.