1. Journal

One issue of the Journal of Indian School of Political Economy , October-December 2006 containing research articles on various themes, including paper on Current Inflation, District Choices for Food for Work Programme, Watershed Development Programmes in India and Institutional Imperatives and Boundaries of the Bonded Labour System Abolition Act, and Documentation on Identification of backward districts in the country, was published during the year. A joint issue for January-March and April-June 2007 is ready for the press and is expected to be published in May 2009. This issue contains papers on India ‘s Intra-Industry Trade, Impact of Infrastructure Development on Per Capita District Income in Maharashtra, and Violence and Atrocities against Dalit Women in Uttar Pradesh, and Documentation on Crime in India . Beginning with this issue, we have started inviting Papers, Notes, and Comments based on material presented in the Documentation Section, and also inviting from University and College teachers and students of Economics, Political Science and Sociology/Social Anthropology questions of wider interest on the subjects of their study, for possible discussion in the subsequent issues of the JISPE.

The flow of articles for the delimited fields of the Journal was more or less adequate, however, the revision of articles, suggested by the referees and the editor, has taken time resulting in delay in the publication of the journal.

The Journal has been publishing the contents pages of sister quarterlies on an exchange basis.

The total number of subscribers for 2007 stood at 153 while 21 copies were dispatched gratis or on exchange basis and the subscription rates continued to be:

Institutions other than colleges: Rs. 600/- per annum

Colleges and individuals: Rs. 300/- per annum

2 . Arthabodh Patrika

‘Arthabodh Patrika’, the original bi-monthly periodical of the School, launched in 1998 in Marathi, completed 10 years in November 2008. It became monthly publication with effect from April 2003 issue.

Number of issues published – Twelve ( Volume 7, issues 1 to 12). Of these five were Special Issues while another two issues were devoted to the discussion of two focal issues viz. Environment and Oceans. Together 488 pages of reading material. An illustrative list of subjects covered is presented herewith.

Nature of Articles published :

Economic and Industrial – 10, Science & Technology Scientific Research- 6, Social – 5, Urbanisation – 1, Political -7, Environment – 5, Health – 6, Education-4, Labour Issues – 2, Cultural Issues – 6, Others -4 (Total 56 articles).

Number of readers responses published : 7

Countries covered – USA , India , China , Japan , Malaysia , Indonesia , Netherlands , Iceland , Brazil , Briton, Tuvalu , Honduras .

References/Sources – Economist, Far Eastern Economic Review, Ecologist, Current History, New Scientist, Prospects, New Statesman, Dharm World, Electronics for You, Survival, Resurgence, Geographical, OPEC Bulletin (in all a4 periodicals). Besides this, 24 books on a variety of subjects and study reports available in the ISPE library as also 33 different Websites.

One of the purposes of the Patrika is to encourage newspapers and other periodicals to reproduce articles from the Patrika free of cost, after acknowledging the source. It is, however, difficult to judge the exact impact as all the periodicals, which reproduce the articles in their issues, do not send copies of their publications to us as expected of them. However, during the year three newspapers and three periodicals have reported having republished articles from the Patrika in their periodicals.

At the end of March 2009 the total number of subscribers to the Patrika stood at 467 Special efforts will be made to enroll more direct subscribers during the coming financial year.

3. Books and Booklets

A Booklet in Marathi on ‘Arthasankalp: Moolbhhot Sankalpana’ is being written by Prof. A. S. Nadkarni which is expected to be published by December 2009.

The research project by Justice Narendra Chapalgaonkar (Retd) (under the Fellowship programme of the School) on the life and work of three justices – Mahadev Govind Ranade, Kashinath Trambyak Telang and Narayan Ganesh Chandavarkar has been completed and is expected to be published in Marathi very soon. The same is also being translated into English for publication during the year 2009-2010.

A publication based on the Study of Primary Schools conducted by Pune Municipal Corporation, being carried out by the School is expected to be published in Marathi in 2009-10.

Shri Ramesh Panse has agreed to write a new preface/introduction for the second revised edition and add new material about the more recent developments on the subject, in consultation with the other authors of the book “Karta-Karvita” to be published during the year 2009-2010.

4. Seminars/ Discussion Group Meetings/Workshops:


A seminar on ‘Education in Primary Schools Conducted by Pune Municipal Corporation’ was organized on July 30 and 31, 2008. Distinguished scholars, experts, representatives of Government agencies, NGOs, social workers, officials from Education Board (Shikshan Mandal) of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and activists in the field participated in the Seminar and put forward their views and suggestions on the subject of vital importance. The following delegates attended the Seminar:


01)               Shri Rajeev Tambe, Dombivali, Thane
02)               Ms. Sukanya Samant, Goregaon, Mumbai
03)               Shri Arun Randhe, Nagpur
04)               Ms. Shalaka Deshmukh, Pune
05)               Ms. Sushama Pdhye, Gram-Mangal, Pune
06)               Shri P. G. Vaidya, School Board, PMC, Pune
07)               Ms. Varsha Sahastrabuddhe, Pune
08)               Shri Nilesh Nimkar, Mumbai
09)               Ms. Aditi Natu, Gram-Mangal, Pune
10)               Shri Girish Samant, Goregaon, Mumbai
11)               Shri Prasad Manerikar, Pune
12)               Ms. Sharada Barve, Pune
13)               Ms. Shubhada Joshi, Pune
14)               Shri Subhash Swami, PMC School Board, Pune
15)               Shri Sambhaji Jadhav, PMC School Board, Pune
16)               Ms. Jyoti Tilak, Pune
17)               Ms. Sonali Kale, Pune
18)               Ms. Jyoti Kemkar, Pune
19)               Ms. Shilpkala Ramdhave, PMC School Board, Pune
20)               Ms. Dhanavanti Hardikar, Bhalbharati, Pune
21)               Dr. Manjiri Numbkar, Phaltan
22)               Shri D. M. Pardeshi, PMC School Board, Pune
23)               Ms. Vinodini Kalagi, Nasik
24)               Shri Ranjit Gadgil, Janwani, Pune
25)               Ms. Vijaya Chouhan, Mumbai
26)               Shri Avinash Madhale, Pune
27)               Ms. Archana Kulkarni, Pune
28)               Ms. Vidhya Patwardhan, Pune
29)               Ms. Geeta Mahasdhabde, Pune
30)               Shri Heramb Kulkarni, Akole, Dist. Ahmednagar
31)               Ms. Zkiya Kurien, Pune
32)               Ms. Sultana Isak Mulani, PMC School Board, Pune
33)               Ms. Vinodini Kalagi, Pune
34)               Ms. Mrunalini Shah, Pune
35)               Ms. Sharada Barve, Pune
36)               Ranjit Gadgil, Pune
37)               Ms. Shilpa Dharmadhikari, Pune
38)               Shri K. K. Kshirsagar, Pune
39)               Ms. Hema K. Kshirsagar, Pune
40)               Prof. D. N. Dhanagar, ISPE, Pune
41)               Prof. A. Vaidyanathan, ISPE, Chennai
42)               Prof. Ramesh Panse, ISPE, Pune
43)               Prof. Neelakantha Rath, ISPE, Pune
44)               Prof. V. S.Chitre, ISPE, Pune
45)               Shri Abhay Tilak, ISPE, Pune

In addition, two fellowship awardees gave seminars on their Research proposals as under during the year under review:



A Critical and Comprehensive Study of Higher Education in India (1947-2006)

Dr. M. R. Kolhatkar


The life and work of three justices – Mahadev Govind Ranade, Kashinath Trambyak Telang and Narayan Ganesh Chandavarkar

Justice Narendra Chapalgaonkar (Retd)


It is proposed to hold a two-day Seminar on “Changing Nature of Political Party System in India : Role of National and State Parties” on August 21-22,, 2009.

Discussion Group Meetings:

The School organised the following meetings of the discussion group during the financial year 2008-09:


October 12, 2008

National and Regional Political Parties in India

Prof. Suhas Palshikar

January 19,

Higher Education in Post-Independence India

Dr. M. R. Kolhatkar


5. Fellowship:

Dr. M. R. Kolhatkar has completed his research project on “Higher Education in Post-Independence India” and submitted his final report. The Executive Committee will consider about the publication of his report.

Retired Justice Narendra Chpalgaonkar has also completed his project on the work of the three Justices and submitted the final chapters. The Marathi version of the study is expected to be published shortly. The same is being translated in English from Marathi for publication in the form of a book.

6. Research Project on the Primary Schools of Pune Municipal Corporation

The School has undertaken a research project on the primary schools conducted by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The study has been initiated with effect from September 2005 after receiving the permission of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the Municipal Education Board for accessing the relevant original records of the PMC and for administering the proposed tests to the sample students. The twin objectives of the said study are:

•  To record, analyse and study the trend of enrolment in every class in all types of schools during the last thirty years.

•  To investigate the level of education at the primary level. This inquiry would involve understanding of aspects such as students’ ability in reading, writing and arithmetic.

A Seminar based on the reports of the Associate Researchers was held on July 30-31, 2008 and detailed deliberations were held. Based on the same, a draft of the Final Report

has been submitted by the Associate Researchers. The Report will be finalized after discussing the same with the Associate Researchers.

7. Staff

The list of staff in position as on 31 st March 2008 is given below:

Mr. Abhay Tilak, Member, Academic Staff and Editor, Arthabodh Patrika

Mrs. Shaila R. Konlade, Research Fellow and D.T.P. Editor

Mr. D. B. Bagade, Graduate Clerk,

Mrs. Rajyashri Kshirsagar, Asst. Editor, Arthabodh Patrika

Mr. V. B. Khadilkar, Accountant,

Mr. D. K. Limbore, Clerk-Typist,

Mr. V. G. Redkar, Clerical Grade,

Mr. M. V. Jade, Peon.

Mr. K. Y. Dhawade is working as Administrative Officer in the School in an honorary capacity on year-to-year basis.

Revised pay-scales for the graded staff of the School, as recommended by a committee of the School appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Committee and Annual General Meeting of the Council of the School have been implemented with effect from April 1, 2008.

8. Meetings:

The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on 14th June 2008 and one resolution was passed by circular meeting.

Four meetings of the Executive Committee were held and one resolution was passed by circular meeting during the period from 1 st April 2008 to 31 st March 2009.

9. Library:

The total number of books in the Library is 12,806 and that of serials is 3,599. During the year under report, 147 books and 46 serials were added to the stock. Out of the addition, 22 books and 23 serials were received as gift; while two books were received for review. 123 books were purchased and 23 documents were subscribed to. The Library also acquired Databases in CD form on the Census 2001.

An amount of Rs.76,944 was spent on purchase of books. In addition, an amount of Rs.10,080/- was spent as subscription towards periodicals.

During the year under review, 30 persons took advantage of the reference material and reading facilities provided in the Library out of which two students used the library regularly throughout the year.

10. Computer Equipment, Softwares and Data Bases:

The School has 11 PCs (One Dell PC, One Compaq Laptop, One IBM Pentium 4, One Compaq Pentium 4, One Zenith Pentium 4, One Compaq Pentium III, 5 PCs upgraded to Pentium III and one 386 with tape-drive) two Dot Matrix Printers, one Daisy Wheel Printer (not in use), two Laser Printers, Toshiba Laser Printer-cum-Copier, Canon LIDE Scanner, Devnagari soft wares -‘Leap Office’ and ‘Akruti’ as well as Office 2003 and Fine Reader 4 (for scanning documents), Windows 98 and Windows XP (HE), SPSS 12, E-views 5 Soft-wares.

The School has an e-mail address and access to Internet through VSNL, and Air-Tel Broad Band. The facility of Internet and e-mail is being extensively used for searching material for JISPE and Arthabodh Patrika and for receiving papers and referees’ reports and correspondence with authors of articles for the Journal.

11. Academic Activities


The academic activities of the executive staff etc. of the School during the year are given in brief in Sub-Section I and those reported by the Honorary Fellows in the Sub-Section II.


Prof. V. S. Chitre

Worked as Honorary Director of the School and Editor of the Journal of Indian School of Political Economy . One issue for October-December 2006, of the journal , containing research articles on various themes and documentation on Identification of Backward Districts in India was published during the year. The joint issue for January-June 2007, containing research articles on various themes and documentation and statistical supplement on Crime in India , is with the press and is expected to be published by the end of May 2009.

Participated as an invitee in a seminar on GDP-indexed Bonds, organized by the Reserve Bank of India on December 23, 2009, and was the principal discussant of the theme paper.

Participated in the Money and Finance Conference, organised by the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, on January 23-14, 2009, and chaired one session in the Conference and also worked as a discussant of all the papers presented in the session.

Participated as an invitee in a meeting of the Governor, Reserve Bank of India with senior economists, journalists and media analysts on March 23, 2009, on Current Macroeconomic issues in the context of Monetary Policy.

Worked as a member of the UGC Review Committee to review the XI th Plan Proposals of Kurukshetra University, and visited the said University for the purpose on 11 th -14 th of August 2008.

Invited to continue to work as a member of the Governing Body of the Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai, and the Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research, Dharwad. Invited to be a Life Member of the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore .

Continued to work as a member of a Committee to prepare the revised Memorandum of Association for the Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research, Dharwad.

Appointed a member of the Search Committee for appointment of Director for the Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research, Dharwad

Continued to work as an expert member of the Selection Committee of Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai

Worked as an expert member of the Selection Committee for selection of Professors, Readers and Lecturers in Economics of the University of Mumbai on 26 th and 27 th of August 2008.

Worked as a member of the Selection Panel of National Institute for selection of Faculty and Research Associates on 11 September 2008 and again on 8 November 2008.

Worked as a referee to evaluate a study prepared for Development Research Group of the Reserve Bank of India .

Continued to work as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Artha Vijnana, and the ICRA Bulletin: Money and Finance.




Shri Manohar Bhide

1. Member, Regional Council of the Securities and Investments Institute engaged in training and accredition promoted by the London Stock Exchange and recognized by the FSA of the United Kingdom.


Prof. Lalit Deshpande

1. Papers published :

•  “NCEUS’ Indian Gospel of Decent Work” Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol.51, No.2, April-June 2008, p287-298

•  Challenge of Full, Productive and Decent Employment in South Asia . Presented at Demographic Scenarios, Employment and Social Security Issues of the Aged and Vulnerable – A South Asia Regional Conference organized by the Institute of Economic Growth , New Delhi and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, November 10-11, 2008

Prof. D.N. Dhanagare

Selection Committee

1. Invited as an External Expert member of the Selection Committee for the post of Professor of Sociology, at the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore . Meeting was held on 10 December 2008 .

2. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai invited me as an Expert Member on their Selection Committees for the posts of Professor, Associate and Assistant Professor in Centre of Women’s Studies, Sociology of Education, Rural Development (Tutal Campus, at Tuljapur), Habitat and Livelihood Studies; and also for Committees for Review of faculty for Extension beyond the age of 65, and under Career Advancement Scheme (UGC). Meetings were held on 28-29 April and 1 May 2009 .

Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

1. Attended a ‘Workshop to suggest measures for greater social integration’ organized by the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Institute of Development Administration, Pune organized on 8May 2008.

2. Presented a paper entitled “Encounter between the urban fringe, civic politics and the neoliberal capitalism” at the Workshop on ‘Urban Neoliberalism: Restructuring South Asian Cities’ organized by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai on 27-28 November 2008 .

Refreshers /Orientation Courses and invited Lectures

1. Lectured at the Orientation Programme for College Principals organized by the Indian Institute of Education, Pune on 19 June 2008, Topic “Excellence in Higher Education”.

2. Delivered a lecture at the Workshop on “Social Science Methodology” organized by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies , University of Pune on 3 rd March 2009.

3. Was invited to deliver two lectures at Department of Sociology, Osmania University Hyderabad on 28-29 January 2009; Topics: (i) Globalisation and its Cultural impact in India, (ii) Peasant Movements before Independence and New Farmers’ movements in India since the 1970s – A comparative view’.

4. The University of Pondicherry Department of Sociology invited me to deliver four lectures: on topics: New Farmers movements (two lectures), Globalisation and its impact on Indian agriculture, and Karl Marx’s critique of political economy on 12-13 March 2009.

Special Lectures

1. The Deccan Education Society organized a National Seminar to celebrate its Post centennial Silver Jubilee on “National Ethos of Higher Education in India” and invited me to deliver its Keynote Address on the topic “On the concept of University” on 16 March 2009.

2. At the Training Programme for Principals of Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra , jointly organized by Walchand College of Engg. Sangli and the V.I.T. Pune at Pune I was invited to deliver a special lecture on “Institution-building, World Class institutions with Global Perspective and Organizational Behaviour” on 20 March 2009.

Participation in Public Life

1. As Chief Guest to give away Awards to authors of two books selected by Pune Marathi Granthalaya on 28 May 2008.

2. As Chief Guest at a function organized by the Maharashtra Granthottejak Sanstha (the Deccan Vernacular Translation Society) for distributing awards the Sanstha declared to 9 scholarly books based on research. Function was held on 28 June 2008 .

3. Inaugurated the 11 th Samarasata Sahitya Sammelan held at Ichalkaranji on 27-28 December 2008 and delivered a lecture on “Cultural impact of globalisation in India ”.

4. Invited to be one of the judges for selecting the best books (in Political Science and Sociology) for the Maharashtra State Cultural Directorate’s wards for the year 2007-08; assessment was done in September-October 2008, and the award function was held at Ratnagiri in January 2009.

5. Reviewed a funding proposal submitted to the ICSSR for publication funds for a new Journal of Interdisciplinary Policy Research and Action in April 2009.


D.N. Dhanagare, “Social integration: Role of the State and Civil Society”, in Muchkund Dubey and M.K. Jabbi (eds.) A Social Charter for India: Citizens’ Perspective of Basic Rights , Delhi : Pearson Longman (Council for Social development), 2009, pp. 160-70.

Prof. Suhas Palshikar

Research Activities:

•  Member, Co-ordinating team for the Project on Indexing Democratic Governance in Indian states (FDRI-Lokniti project);

•  Deputy Co-ordinator of the Centre for Advanced Study in Indian Politics, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Pune;

•  Member, Co-ordinating team for National Election Study 2009 (A Lokniti Project)



•  The Indian State : Constitution and Beyond, in Rajeev Bhargava (ed.), Politics and Ethics of the Indian Constitution, 2008, New Delhi , OUP, pp. 143-163.

•  Challenges before the Reservation Discourse, Commentary, 2008, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLIII, No. 17, April 26; pp. 8-11.

•  Occupational Mobility: How much Does Caste matter? (co-author with Rajeshwari Deshpande), 2008, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLIII, No. 34, August, 23; pp. 61-70.

•  Ten Theses on State Politics in India , (with Yogendra Yadav), 2008, Seminar , 591, November; pp. 14-22.

•  In the Shadow of Terror: Anti-Politician or Anti-politics? (Commentary); 2008, Economic and Political Weekly , Vol. XLIII, No.50, December 13-19; pp10-11.

•  The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side…: Are we Becoming a Majoritarian Society? 2009, in Basrur Rajesh (ed.) Challenges to Democracy in India , New Delhi , OUP; pp. 248-270.

•  Principal State Level Contests and Derivative National Choices: Electoral Trends in 2004-09; 2009, with Yogendra Yadav, Economic and Political Weekly , February 7-13, Vol. 44, No.6; pp. 55-62


•  Rajkarnachi Vadpravanta ani Loksanghatanecha Prashna, 2008, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika, No. 181, Jan.-March, pp. 5-7.

•  Garibana Bhukkad Suvidha Puravine Aaplya Lokshahila Kase Parwadte?, 2008, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika, No. 182, April-June, pp.125-28.

Conference Participation and Presentations:

•  Making sense of Caste-Politics Interaction in Contemporary India , A

seminar given at the South Asia Group, University of Chicago , 15 th May, 2008

•  The Idea of Minority and Democracy in South Asia , (with Sandeep Shastri) ,

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting and conference of the American

Political Science Association (APSA), Boston , August, 2008.

•  Marathas: Narratives of Deprivation, Politics of Domination : Paper (co- authored) presented at the DL Sheth Festschrift Conference at CSDS, March, 2009

•  Religion, Social Reform and Secularism : The anti-superstition Bill in Maharasthra , paper presented at the Seminar on Really Existing Secularisms in Indian States, at CSDS, April, 2009

•  Speaker at the Round Table on Poverty, Inequality and Democracy in South and East Asia at the Conference on Poverty, Inequality and Democracy hosted by Institute for Public Affairs at Bratislava, Slovakia organized by International Forum for Democracy, National Endowment for Democracy and Network for Democracy Research Institutes, 26-28 April, 2009.


Prof. V M RAO

Academic Activities during April ,2008 to March , 2009

Positions Held

Honorary Visiting Professor, Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC)

Honorary Fellow, Indian School of Political Economy , Pune

Member, Board of Directors, Public Affairs Foundation, Bangalore


Millennium Development Goals and Human Development: Experiences and Lessons, Capacity Development Training Programme for Lecturers in Kabul University , Afghanistan . Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, April 7, 2008

Three Sessions in ISEC with Ph. D. Fellows on “ A Social Science Perspective on India ”, August 20, 22, 25, 2008

Seminars and Conferences

Seminar on Institutional Structure of Social Science Research ( V K R V Rao CentenaryCelebration),Made a presentation in Session 1 on Accountability of Social Science Research—Some Challenging Dimensions, ISEC, July 6, 2008

Seminar on Poverty in Kar nataka: Status, Programmes and Issues organized Jointly by IIPA and ISEC,Keynote Address on Poverty Alleviation Programmes, ISEC, September 20, 2008.

International Seminar on Depeasantisation, Made a Presentation on Agrarian Situation in India , Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore , December 2, 2008

Seminar on International Economic Depression, Made a Presentation on Impact of Depression on India ,, Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore , January 17, 2009.

eminar on Managing Common Property Resources for Poverty Reduction, Discussant, ISEC, January 18, 2009


Sustainability of Indian Agriculture: Towards an Assessment, Working Paper 193, ISEC, 2008

Through Cloudy Glasses (Book Review), Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Vol. XLIII, No. 20, May 17, 2008

The Emerging Poverty Scenario, Indian Economic Journal, 55(3), Oct-Dec, 2007 (published in June, 2008)

The Shadow of Food Insecurity, YOJANA, Vol. 52, July, 2008

Making Safety Nets Effective for Hardcore Poor, in Perspectives on Inclusive Growth in India , (ed) Dholakia J R, The ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad , 2008

Rural Communities in a Globalising World: Vulnerability, Opportunities and Prospects, The Indian Economy Review, Vol V, Quarterly Issue, 30 th September, 2008, IIPM Think Tank, New Delhi

Agricultural Growth and Farmer Distress: Tentative Perspectives from Karnataka (Jointly with D V Gopalappa), in Karnataka Economy: Performance, Challenges and Opprtunities, (ed) Sthanumoorthy R and Sivarajdhanvel P , ICFAI Books, The ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad, 2007 received in November, 2008)

Farmers’ Distress in a Modernising Agriculture–The Tragedy of the Upwardly Mobile: An Overview

In Agrarian Crisis in India, (ed) D Narasimha Reddy and Srijit Mishra, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2009

The Closing Phase: Brilliance of a Setting Sun, in A Passionate Humanitarian V K R V Rao, (ed) S L Rao, N Jayaram, V M Rao, M V Nadkarni, R S Deshpande, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2008

Agricultural and Rural Development: Preparing for the Challenges Ahead ( Jointly with K C Hiremath),, in Changing Contours of Asian Agriculture–Essays in Honour of Professor V S Vyas, (ed) Surjit Singh and V Ratna Reddy, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2009

Globalisation and Liberalisation: A Door or A Trap?, One India One People (Special Issue) , March 2009, One India One People Foundation, Mumbai


Prof. N. Rath

1. Worked as President of the Indian School of Political Economy, and participated in the seminar on Primary Schools of the Pune Municipal Corporation in July, 2008.

2. Attended meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Economics Dept. of Utkal University, as UGC nominee, in July 2008, and delivered a lecture in the Dept. of Applied Economics.

3. Delivered a lecture on the current inflation and the economic situation in the Indian Institute of Mass communication, Dhenkanal, in February, 2009.

4. Was the chief Guest for Flag hoisting In the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, on the 26th of January, 2009, and read out a paper on "The co-operatives are dieing, the co-operatives must be reborn" in the faculty seminar of the Institute on the 27th January, 2009.

5. Published :

(i) "Microfinance Regulation Bill: a Rejoinder", EPW May 10, 2008.

(ii) "Implications of the Loan Waiver for Rural Credit Institutions", EPW, June

14, 2008. This was also published in Sadhana (weekly), in Marathi, and in Samaja (daily) in Oriya, subsequently.

(iii) "Current Inflation", Journal of Indian School of Political Economy , October

-December, 2006. This was also published in ArthabodhPatrika in Marathi, January 2009.


Prof. A. Vaidyanathan

1. Completed script of a book on India ‘s agricultural growth highlighting the role of natural resource constraints, technology, economic factors and institutions.
The book has been accepted by OUP for publication.

2. “ India ‘s Recent Growth experience: Some Puzzles”, invited lecture at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, May 2009.

3. Contributed a paper, jointly with Barath Jairaj, on Legal Aspects of Water Resource Management for a book on Water Laws edited by Ramaswamy Iyer. Under publication by Sage.

4. Two articles on the impact of the world financial crisis on India : one titled “Managing the Crisis” in the Hindu, November 2008 and the second titled “Reviving the Economy: Problems and Prospects” in EPW, February 2009

5. Delivered the Potla Sen Memorial lecture on ‘Water and governance” in Hyderabad .

6. Co-organised a conference of academics on “Inclusive Growth through Inclusive Governance: The Future Agenda for Local Government” sponsored by the Ministry of Panchayat raj, February 2009”.

7. Currently chairing a committee to review working of TRS/EARAS/ICS , suggest improvements and explore the use of remote sensing for estimating area and yields.